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Pick Up and Move, Florida Gratitude

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When I got back home, it was the car ride from the airport that I realized I don’t belong in Illinois anymore. This realization and many more signs and hard work has put me in the great spot I am today. You will have to wait till next week to find out what was next for me.
Life will just exist, but in order to make it existing you need to face many challenges, fall, rise up, and move on! One chapter to the next I am living my life. Change to change I am full of gratitude the whole way.

I gratefully stayed at my sister’s place when I got home from my cruise adventure. I went on our families camping trip as a surprise and saw tons of family, but then realized it was time for change. My friend Chris and his wife Reese were up from Florida to visit and gave me the idea to move down and stay with them till I got on my feet! With my money running out, my credit cards maxing, my desire for more big change, and my friends grateful offer, I packed my car. I had a party and said good bye to Illinois. Now I was Florida bound on only the promise of an interview for a job! I had about a half dozen people worried for my drive down here, given my sleepy history, but I MADE IT!

Sunny, hot, stormy Florida was my new home. Guess what, that interview went south! I guess I was meant to be more than simply a zipline instructor. Chris and Reese work with the school district and suggested I set my efforts there. First I applied to be a substitute teacher and was lining myself up to nail this job. Then I applied to be a Para Professional for several schools. In the light of burning to the end of my money I also applied for everything even graphic design jobs. I WILL GET A JOB, that was my full time job.

I had an amazing interview at one school, the first and only interview I had down here. A few days later I got a call from my previous boss in the design business and he said the school called him and he gave me a glowing review. He also jumped the gun and said I got the job. No sooner then immediately after I hung up the phone did the Principle from my new job call me to offer me that job! YES of course I took it. The rest of this week my phone rang off the hook for interviews from other schools, and other job opportunities, I declined all of them. The funny thing is I just realized the job I have now was the only actual interview I had down here…..and I NAILED IT!

Five shout-outs for this amazing job find! I am grateful for the help of Reese, Chris, Jon, Megan, and Denise.

The job working with children has many rewards and some of my regular followers have already read about it too. I never thought I would be working with children like I am but there is far more to my experience down here. I have been kayaking on many occasions, I have visited every person I know down here, I have been to the beach so many times I lost count, I have seen so much nature has to offer here, I have seen friends from my cruise job, I have meet new people, MLS has expanded a brand new team down here the Orlando City Soccer Club, I have really strengthened my knowledge, interest and skill in spiritual energy healing, I have found a church I actually enjoy going to, and the list just keeps going. I am grateful for every little bit that I have experienced already down here and the world still has so much more to show me.

Change is challenging, but without a challenge there is no change. It’s been a scary ride the past few years but I have not stopped smiling sense the moment I got down here to Florida. I am grateful to be able to say life is amazing down here. I have made so many big changes and as long as I stick it out my heart has not lied to me once. Gratitude has been my main passenger on life’s journey and certainly there is no shortage of things to be grateful for with my life down here in Florida.


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Geneva Hug

As some, most or maybe all of you know, I drove up to Toronto for an all day group interview for a long sought after shipboard cruise ship position. I would like to talk about my trip there.  I know my blog went from posts about positivism to events of my life, however, my life has taken such an overwhelming positive direction and so many great things are happening with my life. Sharing them really amounts to share more about positivism. For the regular followers, all those family and friend that support the great changes in my life and those new to my life and my blog I thank you. What you put out into the world you get back. The more and more positive I share out into the world the more there is that seriously comes back. For me it is happening. I have looked at all these new positives in my life with gratitude, a blessing in disguise, and just plan good luck. I realized last Wednesday, those are all true but it is also those positives I have given out coming back to me. When you hear great sayings and great quote and see that they apply directly to your life it brings and chill of happiness through your body that is unmatched.

 So I was heading up to Toronto for this amazing interview opportunity, I brought my Himalayan salt rock and my lucky black squirrel. I decided to make a detour to the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The drive was easy and beautiful, well worth the trip for sure. So many people talk about how beautiful the Niagara Falls are in the summer, but the beauty in the winter is just another spectacular canvas for mother nature.


 Now on to Toronto, found were my Interview event was then found my hotel. I checked in and went for a walk. I was on a search for a famous Canadian dish, Poutin! It is traditional fries with gravy and cheese curds, but they have entire restaurants with many varieties of Poutin, I even found vegetarian options. You name it, they are putting it on their fries. I love fries…who doesn’t? On my way to and from my glorious Poutin experience I realized I was in China town of Toronto and literally right outside the main downtown area. The diversity of individuals was amazing. Everyone was so nice. I rarely heard a horn honk and their train cars went right down the main streets. The graffiti was actually inspirational instead of obnoxious.

 3 images

 So comes the big day, and the walk to were the event was. I am used to the high winds and arctic blast and snow from Chicago so I bundled up in preparation. It was snowing heavily and intermittently windy, but all an all the walk was a piece of cake. I was wearing dress shoes the whole walk and I was actually disappointed that my socks never even got wet! I was anticipating having to dry them. Most of the people who were at the interview were Canadian, obviously! They were amazed that I walked. I was baffled, I said “Um I am in Canada right? you guess are used to this kind of weather I thought?”

 The Interview event was all day and amazing. There was about 30 of us taking in tons of information and participating in many individual and group activities. It funny that I say this but I did so much research beforehand that hardly anything I heard was new information. I had hoped to convey that I was well prepared and eager to participate and nail this job. At the end we had to give a presentation to promote a product. This was a huge key to the job. During mine a very interesting thing happened. I messed up my presentation in my eyes but I just kept it going and kept it strong. Now what happened during my presentation was amazing. I was tuned in on both of the recruiters that were there and I could feel their opinions of me click over to a good impression! I actually paused because the connection was so strong and caught myself off guard. That was a great feeling for me but not a %100 you are hired just yet.

 Let me rewind just a bit, I got caught up on the actually interview but the people who were there are amazing. A few people from around the world and 2 others from the United States.  Sitting right next to me was a former Chicago Fire soccer player. If you don’t know I am a big Chicago Fire fan so that was amazing. Then there was a girl I had met there from Canada with a fantastic name. Her name was Geneva Hug. Yes, now you know where the title came from. It was such a unique and beautiful name, and a wonderful individual. It was a name that was hard to forget and if she sees this I hope she does not mind my use of her name! It was so nice to meet Kim Kyle and Greg Scott the recruiters, they had such fantastic personalities.

 The deed is now done, the interview is done, I headed back to my hotel rewardingly stuffed my face with more Canadian cuisine all that is left now is to wait! The next morning I started my trek home. Back in the states I stopped in Michigan for lunch and check my email on my phone. There was already an email from Kim. She wrote” I am fairly confident you will join pretty fast…. Welcome aboard Marc.” I almost spit out my lunch. I was expecting to wait a week but here it is. I had to call just to be sure. I was not even home yet, she was not even home yet and here it is. I have purchased reading material and cruise company reference guides. I was exhausting even the internet’s amount of information on getting a cruise ship job. I was applying nonstop, each effort got better and better. I was networking like crazy. I punched through so many challenges in this life changing opportunity. It was long and hard, but I never lost hope. I could feel everything start to come together, I could feel myself narrowing in on success. I AM HIRED!

 The support from family and friend is and has been amazing. I posted of my success on Facebook and the congratulations that came in really surprised me. There are so many people following this journey of mine it really warmed my heart. Not even my best day in the blog world can rival the attention I am still getting from all of the congratulations. I am so grateful for so much support and encouragement. 

 The biggest reason people go for this job is to travel and make money. Those are bonuses for me but the main reason for me was to meet new people, see new cultures of positivism around the world. Geneva Hug, though we did not say much to each other, is the start of my path to meeting more wonderful people around the world.

 I have the job but the deal is not sealed, I now wait to be assigned to a ship. I also have to pass a very extensive physical examination and gather enough money to start this venture. I will figure it out and I will succeed. I have come too far to fail now but once on board a new set of challenges will be presented. I AM READY!

 By the way this was the short version. So much has happened just on my trip to Canada alone. All signs in my life are pointing in the direction I am going and it certainly helps keep me going. Thank you very much everyone for all your support. Please take a little time to go and like my Facebook and follow more positivism from Up With Marc.


Almost 10 years I come to my last day. My last sign design job, my last layout, my last phone call with other designers. My last fabrication, my last print job, my last printer cleaning, my last printer repair. As this very eventful year comes to a close I choose to say good bye to Graphic Design and the Sign Industry. I am a good distance from a career as a Motivational Speaker but it will forever be in my sight and I WILL GET THERE. Upon goals already achieved and new ones to come, my first stepping stone of the new year I take on my next career in Marketing and Event Planning. Today is a memory to hold on to and a reality to let go of. New things are happening for me and they will continue to happen. I carry with me a positive attitude and a drive to succeed in new things.

For Famous Quote Fridays I leave you with the words of Spongebob Squarepants, “i’m ready, i’m ready, i’m ready.”

Thanks again to all who have given me such wonderful support.


I was going to write about some more Ultra Positive techniques today but they can certainly be posted next time. On Monday  (12/10/12) I Had accomplished 2 goals in one day. About now your still distracted by the title I am sure, but perhaps I could tell you what SHEIFGAB means.

First off one of my goals, was to actually see a motivational speaker in action, in hopes to meet him as well. If you recall from my previous post ( ) I ran into a friend Bruce at the library and he said he was friends with a motivational speaker. I email the contact info I had received, twice and went back to Bruce to say that he is not responding. Bruce told me that he was speaking Monday night. He invited me to come along to meet him afterwards. What a grand Idea, NOW I was excited. The topic of his speech was staying motivated and positive during the job search…how appropriate as I am looking for a new job! This Monday rolls around and I am getting excited to hear and meet this speaker, Conner Cunneen. Also, ironically I am very anxious to hear about a job as well the very same day. 4:30 rolls around, 30 minutes left to go at work, and I get “The phone call”. I GOT THE JOB! Pending a start date I will be excitedly jumping into a new career of marketing and event planning. The key attraction to this job is the ability to learn something completely new, and it has potential for many leadership opportunities and speaking rolls. With my overwhelming positive attitude I am so ready to start ANOTHER new thing in my life! Sitting on that amazing news now I head to the meeting to hear Conner Cunneen speak. His subject matter by title became seemingly irrelevant. I Have a new job and a great positive attitude, but listening to Conner gave me so much more valuable insight beyond his intentions there at the meeting. His building block for job searching does not just apply to job searching it also applies to life itself and that is were SHEIFGAB comes in.

Conner is an Irishman from Louisiana, quite an interesting note. He was so knowledgeable and humorous at the same time. He spread a lot of hope in a room full of people ready to give up on their futures. With my current situation and state of mind I was right on par with everything he was saying. He asked the audience tons of questions/suggestions and he applauded my answers and by maybe a far stretch I feel like some people have benefited from suggestions I have used in my own life and my own search. Today’s positive insights are not of my own but they are of Conner’s words. SHEIFGAB, is a made up Irish acronym meaning, do it, make it happen! The title of his presentation was “SHEIFGAB The World, 8 building Blocks to Successful Job Transition

Now let me break this SHEIFGAB acronym down:

Structure: Bring the structure back to your day! When you are working you work 9-5. When you are job searching it can feel like you are working 24-7! Maintaining a structured day will help you from not getting burnt out on the search.

Help: Very simply help others to help yourself. A good deed done goes a long way in the eyes of personal happiness. Open up your heart and generosity and volunteer your time, advice or even just lend an ear to listen.

Environment: Your environment is very important. You would be amazed how much more productive you would be with a clean office, or room, or house. Instead of doing your job searching at home, go to the Library or book store or coffee shop. Getting out really helps motivate your productivity, and staying in with a clean area gives you a sense of accomplishment.

Improve Yourself: Keep yourself clean and groomed each day. Always keep learning new things. Keep your brain going and challenged. Pick up a hobby, join a club. Exercising and eating right have a phenomenal effect on your self confidence and sense of motivation.

Family: Respect your family. When you are the one not working pick up some of the slack around the house, stay active with the chores and projects. Don’t lose the love you carry for your family.

Goals: (this one was a favorite for me) Treat everything you do throughout the day as SHAGs. Small Highly Achievable Goals. Everything from showering in the morning to applying for new jobs. When you have a list of 10 goals in a time frame you may only meet 5 but give yourself 5 basic achievable goal each day and your positive attitude and sense of achievement will certainly provide tons of motivation throughout the day.

Attitude: (Other favorite) Positive in Positive Out. It is as simple as that. Let all the positives in life in and then give positives out in return. Also when something bad happens ask yourself “What do I want my attitude to be?” You are not going to tell yourself that you want to be angry!

Behavior: Your Behavior is your brand. The kind of behavior and attitude you portray is the brand of person you are giving yourself. If you have continuous positive behavior you are looked at as a positive person if you have continues negative behavior you are looked at as a negative person.

This whole lesson can be applied to our everyday life. When you SHEIFGAB the world you have in your hands the power to do ANYTHING! If you would like a more detailed description on Conner Cunneen’s ideas check out the book he wrote called “SHEIFGAB the World: 8 Building Blocks to Successful Transition”
Monday was yet another amazing day in my life. 2 big goals achieved in 1 day. I step out of the world of Graphic Design and with overwhelming confidence, into Marketing. Also I meet a powerfully influencing motivational speak taking away from it knowledge for right now and knowledge for my future as a motivational speaker myself. With support from so many of you, little or a lot you all have brought me to this pivotal spot in my life and I am grateful to be associated with all of you. Ultra Positivism has allowed me to steer my life in a more meaningful direction I can only imagine what life has in store for me next but I will be ready and working towards it. NEXT GOAL PLEASE!

Another cool thing about this past Monday is the project I was working on at my job. The picture really says it all “Break Through Your Goals”


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