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Sometimes you have to give up everything to find the one thing you want the most. Only the strong can make that risk. Only the strong can let go of every comfort they know. Only the strong can venture away from a career they have mastered for something new. Only the strong can walk away from people that love you and the people you love. Only the strong can fail 100’s of times and still reach for what is right in their heart. We can do anything. You can do anything, you are strong. You just have to take that risk and get started. There are better things out there for your life, you have to be strong enough to go after them.

Slowly but surely I will find where I belong and search the planet to find those that share my same views as we unite. I will climb my mountain of failures and raise a flag that says “I’M NOT DONE YET” If I can breathe there is still hope for something better. If I have a heart beat I can still love, and my soul will guide me. All I have to do is listen, hope for the best in life and be grateful for anything hope brings me because this is my life! I decide my life.

The easiest most attractive path is not always the right one and before long you are too comfortable for change. Get uncomfortable and change your path. Change your life, take risks, and be strong. You are not done yet!



I wake up it is still dark, and then I remember I am living on a cruise ship for 6 months. There is no outside light in my cabin, you just hope your alarm clock has the correct time. Now I have lived in basements and dark places but when you work all day everyday on a cruise ship your body is confused when you wake up in the same conditions you went to sleep, darkness.  One of many challenges I have encountered out in the Southern Caribbean while working on a cruise ship.  

Taking this job was a huge chance, a huge risk into a new world. I as well as many of you have lived through a long list of challenges but I am writing this and you are reading this so all of us have seemed to survive. It may not seem worth it now but if you just keep your eye on what you learned instead of how hard it was you will certainly be satisfied. Don’t get me wrong my cruise experience was amazing.

The phrase ”you only live once” gets tossed around a lot but it is time you put some real charge to that risk. Do things you would not normally do, go places you always wanted to go, talk to those people you never would have before and say the things you always wanted to say. At Thirty three I have been through a lot in my life but I also understand the value of those who have indeed gone through more trying times then I have.

It is time to put myself out there. I am taking risks and trying new things. The only thing to lose is self worth for not trying. We go through so much rejection in our lives and so many people saying no and discovering so many things we just don’t understand. Eventually you get somewhere good. When you get to that comfortable spot in your life you have to hold onto it with everything you have because without warning you can get thrown from that easy chair into a new world. A world you have to learn to trust again, world you have to learn to love again, even a world where you start over. You have to push through all the no’s and rejection once again. This is where I am once again in life. I have turned into a new person, not much different than the last one but this time I have a fire behind me burning real hot. A spark inside of me to succeed in something new. I will get there and if I get knocked down at the top I will get up and do it again. The more people that say no to me and the things I want and want to do in my life the stronger I get, the closer I get to that yes.

You only live once. Stop thinking about it and just do it. Stop worrying about it and just take that chance. Make that big move, take that job offer, ask that girl out and try everything you always wanted to. WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO LOSE? In sales you have to get through the no’s to find the positive buyers. You are selling yourself the same way. Brush off the No’s, rejections and failures and move on. There is too much of this world to be explored to be hung up on a bad life. You make your life what it is. You can sit there and do nothing and watch yourself go no where, or you can get up and go after everything!

No matter how much life hurts there is always something out there that will make you smile, so go and find it!

Thomas Edison, Famous Quote Friday


“I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Thomas Edison

So many people perceive failure as a bad thing. Failure makes us stronger. Failure makes us smarter. You cannot succeed without failing. You can fail 10,000 times and still succeed. If there was no failure success would not exist.

Thomas Edison’s quote is about not giving up. He did not acquire his success and fame by giving up. He was determined with his inventions. Everything he tried that did not work only brought him closer to success.  It is all about attitude. Are you ready to go out there in the world and fail? Are you ready to pull in more success than ever before? Then be ready to fail.

Seriously it’s just that simple, more failures equals more success! Don’t be afraid to fail, don’t be afraid to take risks, and don’t be afraid to learn. Instead be prepared to learn all you can out of each failure in your life.

You are not going to fail on purpose you are going fail from trying…trying your best. What are you going to learn today? How will you fail? Take risks and step out of your comfort zone today and tomorrow will be your success.

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