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2015 In Review

I am ringing in the new year with the same good friends as last year, back in my hometown area in Illinois. No problem with ringing in the new year with a great group of people. I am still working in the same job too! I am a Paraprofessional for students with Autism and I absolutely love my job. I love working with my students and I love working with all the other student in the after school program. I have also been way more active with volunteering and helping out with school functions.

I have done quite a bit again this past year so I think I am going to just bullet point what I have done instead of writing a novel! In case you don’t make it to the bottom I just want to say that daily I increase my knowledge and exposure to the world and future of our children as well as seeing their future. I am fine tuning my message as well as beginning to get my actual voice heard instead of just my words. I have made big advances with this blog and I owe so much gratitude to those who follow me and support me on this journey. Now here is a huge list of only some of the things that have happened in 2015.

  • I vowed to friend everyone I meet and I have done just that! My friends list is flourishing with inspirational people
  • I have visited more Florida beaches then most people that have lived here all their lives.
  • I have visited 2 area zoos.
  • I moved from a place full of bugs to a great place biking distance to work!
  • I bike to work now just about everyday.
  • I have visited about a dozen State and National Parks in Florida
  • I visited Cassadaga FL. Which is a very spiritual town. It was a very inspiring visit.
  • Brand new custom license plates to reflect my blog “UPW MRC”
  • Attended the biggest soccer game I have ever been too! Over 62,000 people to watch 2 brand new teams to the MLS for a season opener game! New York City FC vs ORLANDO CITY SOCCER CLUB, my new favorite team! And I have my best friend to go to the games with me, with our new season tickets that we await for the 2016 season
  • Survived one Florida winter and I am ready for the next! Last year it was below freezing for a whole 2 days, HA! Right now it is in the 80’s.
  • In March…..ya we are only at March….I shared with my friends and followers 31 days of gratitude. What an amazing month, I have far more than just a months worth of things to be grateful for too!
  • Found out that Taco Bell is stealing my catch phrase “You want me” they are putting “you know you want me on their hot sauce packets.
  • I am pictured on advertisements to work on cruise ships from my first Southern Caribbean Contract with Royal Caribbean! My over excited smile is getting people jobs on cruise ships. 😛
  • Discovered sunrises at the beach! AMAZING!
  • I have had a hand full of people doubt me and my goals and this year alone I have proved them all wrong and cut off friendship with those people.
  • I made about 70 cupcakes for the staff at my school in May and they continue to talk about them waiting for me to make more cupcakes again!
  • I started back with walking and running. My knees are handling it well!
  • Brought the soccer ball back to my feet. I play on my own on the weekend and I play with the kids in the after school program as well
  • This blog has reached over 100 countries and I gave a big shout out to people from Illinois, Philippines and India. As of today I now give a big shout out to staff and friends from Florida who have taken the time to support my blog as well.
  • In May I read 3 book which is a big thing for me in one month.
  • I discovered Marc Mero in May. He is a motivation speaker for students, doing exactly what I want to be doing. Just a few weeks ago I had the opportunity to meet him and see his presentation. I am setting up time to sit down with him and ask him many questions.
  • Kids say the coolest things. Every day they say what I look like based on colors I wear. Anywhere from a donut or a shark to a pretty princess or Superman. They also give me compliments all the time. One Third grader in the after school program said “Mr. Marc you smile all the time, even when you are upset with us you are smiling.” I have worked on smiling all the time for a long time so this was a huge compliment for me.
  • Went up to Illinois to sell off my storage unit and take home a few things, kind of wiping my hand of an old life and embracing a new one.
  • Saw My old soccer team Chicago Fire play my new team Orlando Lions, in Chicago.
  • A friend of mine came to visit me in Florida for her vacation. We did it all, beaches, Sea World (for both our first time), Busch Gardens, Chocolate museum, comedy club, and her first soccer game, and drove my car on the beach for the first time.
  • Worked on a cruise ship over the summer in Vancouver Canada and Alaska. Absolutely an amazing experience. Met a lot of great people and hit a lot of firsts like, first time to Alaska, first time seeing whales in the wild, first time seeing glaciers, horseback riding for the first time and a hoard of pictures to document all the amazing things I did while I was up there. I had salmon prepared 8 different ways while I was up there not to mention several kind of fish and other sea creatures. Hiked the mountains at each port of call
  • Toward the end of my trip I got Cellulitis and Necrotizing Fasciitis and almost lost my leg and possibly my life. I am grateful to still have my leg and life and be walking just fine today. Its those near death events in your life that make you appreciate your life more.
  • Upon the start of the school year I was super excited to have known I was very welcomed back and have little by little gathered a few friendship as well.
  • In August my blog was 3 years old and getting stronger every day.
  • Saw the U.S. Woman’s National Soccer team play Brazil.
  • Over Halloween I tackled 2 bucketlist items on a long weekend trip. I went to New York City for the first time and I saw a TED Talk live event on Broadway. I packed in so many first that weekend. Saw the Statue Of Liberty, top of the Empire State Building and the New World Trade Center Building, as well as the World Trade Center Monument, 2 museums, Time Square, and determined that Chicago Style pizza is way better then New York Style.
  • Some of my coworkers gave me a great prebirthday celebration at school.
  • Had a great Birthday on my own in November, however I did manage to meet a great friend and one of my followers from Facebook at a rock and gemstone show.
  • I found garlic stuffed olives at a local store
  • I joined Toastmasters and won best speaker on my very first speech
  • I started volunteering at Give Kids The World. An all expenses paid dream vacation for terminally ill children and their families. What an amazing opportunity and organization and I will continue to volunteer more in the new year
  • People keep complimenting my photography and are always surprised to hear they are unedited pictures from just my cell phone. I treated myself to a Nikon 3300 DSLR camera with a bunch of accessories and finally was able to capture the moon! I can not wait to post the pictures from this new camera from my trip up to Illinois.
  • Helped out a local crafter and got an ornament personalized to say “UPwithmarc” I intend to Illustrate “Upwithmarc” everywhere in the future to come
  • This December was when I actually meet Motivational Speaker Marc Mero
  • Made It back to Illinois for the holidays and saw my new nephew for the first time. I also saw snow for the first time in like 2 years! I made and befriended a snow man too


Some things are little some things are big but I guarantee all the things I have done in 2015 are not listed. With that being said how many things have you done and accomplished in 2015? Happy New Years to all.


Secret Money

With the holidays approaching each day we worry more about money, and having enough of it; enough to buy all the gifts we want and enough to pay all the bills. Some of you despise the holidays because you cannot afford to buy gifts.

 Let me shut the holidays off for a moment. Some of us are in constant worry about money, for a variety of reasons. I recently reread “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, and below I have included an excerpt from her book, about money.  I certainly recommend reading this book if you have not already. It pulls together many great concepts to try, like the Law of Attraction.

 To attract money, you must focus on wealth. It is impossible to

bring more money into your life when you are noticing you do not

have enough, because that means you are thinking thoughts that

you do not have enough. Focus on not enough money, and you will

create untold more circumstances of not having enough money.

You must focus on the abundance of money to bring that to you.


You have to emit a new signal with your thoughts, and those

thoughts should be that you currently have more than enough. You

really do need to call your imagination into play and make believe

you already have the money you want. And it is so much fun to do!

You will notice as you pretend and play games of having wealth

that you feel instantly better about money, and as you feel better

about it, it will begin to flow into your life.

(Rhonda Byrne “The Secret”)

Sounds kind ridiculous at a first glance doesn’t it? It really isn’t. As I have said in the past, nothing is ever going to work if you don’t believe in it first. Now if you want to become rich overnight with only the thought that you will be rich over night that is ridiculous. This concept of already thinking you have enough money happens over time.  It is something you need to stick out, have faith and the right attitude, and you will see results. All results will certainly vary person to person, depending on your efforts with your new attitude toward money. If you need more money in your life, it starts right inside your head and eventually will manifest itself in to the extra cash you need. It is all about the Law of Attraction which Rhonda Byrne, Anthony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Zig Ziglar and many others have talked about. What you think about you draw to yourself. With money, if you constantly are worried about paying your bills you will always be worried about paying your bills. Get in the frame of mind that you have enough money to pay your bills and things will start to turn around. It works that way with all scenarios involving money.

 This concept of Money and the Law of Attraction has worked for many people I know, including my sister, who I cherish very much. She struggled with money for so long. Financial issues, employment issues, and she dug herself out simply by following the advice of Rhonda Byrne. Rhonda has helped my sister in many other ways as well; She is more financially stable, she is in better health, and she is in a deservingly outstanding marriage with one of the greatest guys she has ever meet.

 When I first read “The Secret” I was overwhelmed and skeptical but once I started to believe, things started happening to me, and for me. As far as money, I too was a person who was always in a struggle for money; I have been up and down all my life. But I first truly noticed changes in my life on the subject of money when I went back to work for a previous employer. I am getting paid the same now as I was before and life has drawn me back to work there. I have also been fortunate enough to make even more money on the side for multiple things as well.  Now, I am not rich or completely out of debt but I started this wave of attraction by simply visualizing a life where my bills are paid, where I can do what I want, go where I want and buy what I want. Keep those positive thoughts dominant in your mind. I was able to save enough money to fix some expensive things on my car. I am now able to buy things to help me boost my path forward to motivational speaking and working on a cruise ship. I have been able to do some fun things that my friends have invited me to. I am so grateful for the life I lead and what and who I have in it. I hope everyone knows that a life of gratitude is a positive life indeed.

 So if you find yourself living pay check to pay check, not able to pay your bills or even find a job, what do you honestly have to lose by giving in to the “Laws of Attraction” and manifest this extra money into your life. Start today, start right now! Have faith and patience as everyone’s time frame with success is different.

 Thank you so much. As always, thanks for following and supporting my blog. Please LIKE my new Facebook page and please share it with your friends.

Buddha, Famous Quote Friday

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.


An introduction of meditated silence can introduce Gautama Buddha into our lives. You don’t have to believe him and you don’t have to follow him, right now you just have to read the words upon this page and believe whatever it is that your mind is telling you at this moment. You were not brought to this earth to do bad to others or yourself. Through human evolution we hope to continue to discover the nuances of our existence. When it is your time to leave this world can you fill your head with gratitude? Can you say your life was full of amazing things? Your work from the moment you are born is to discover yourself, your surroundings and your work. Embrace and love every discovery you make and every new thing you see. When you find your life’s passion give every ounce of your being to it. No matter if you were meant to start a family, be a corporate genius, travel the world, or simply be a representative for a more positive future for all; we all have a job to do. Discover what it is you were meant to pursue and go after it till your last breath.


My Friend Jake M. found this song for me. I think it is very fitting to take 5 minutes  and play this song. While listening think about what your work is, and think about what you are going to do to go after it!



Have a great weekend everyone. Thank you so much for your followings and shares.

100th POST

Intellectual: Developed or guided by the knowledge rather than by personal experience.

I don’t want to live with my nose in a big text book drumming up tons of facts. I love reading for sure so don’t get me wrong, but I want to live outside in the real world experiencing and experimenting with success and failure. I don’t need a masters degree to prove anything. I don’t need to be monetarily rich. I certainly don’t want to brain wash you telling you what to do with your life.

I want to share my positive view points with those willing to read or listen. I want to hear everyone’s opinion too! I want to help everyone I can in any way I can. I have lost so much in my life but gained so much more. The success I seek in life now will never just fall on my lap, I will have to work very hard for it. There will be many downs on my path but when I am going up I am like a positive firecracker.

One thing about me that some of you may know. I have a hard time to this day accepting compliments. Or thinking of myself. That being said I want to take this moment to be a little full of myself in asking something from all of you. Now some of you may not know me in person, some of you I have just met, some of you I have known for many years, some of you are very good friends and some of you have known me for 32 years. I want everyone willing, either now or in the near future to leave a comment on this blog post. Not just any comment, a comment about me. Think back as far or close as you want. Think of a time I have helped you with something important, think of a time I have inspired you, hey maybe even a time I changed your life. In as many words as you want tell me about it. For those that don’t know me very well yet, maybe think of a blog or quote I posted that particularly inspired you and tell me about it. If you don’t have anything to say that is alright, stick around because the future holds many more positive things in it and we are going to live up to all of them together. It is really important to me that you comment. If it is something you do not wish to share in public you can always email me instead ( I am not in any contest or looking for an ego boost I merely want to gather enough positivism to carry me through the next 100 posts.

I am grateful for all of you who share this blogging journey with me and hope you stick around so all of us together can keep making this a bigger positive experience! Have a great week and I look forward to hearing from you.

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